A fost lansat un nou apel Education & Training in cadrul proiectului CONCERT


The managers of the Institute of Atomic Physics endorse the initiative of Ilfov County Council and belief that the emergence of the Science Park should be treated as a matter of urgency, especially now, when Romania becomes so important in the international research due to the existence of high power laser in Magurele.

Dr. Florin Buzatu, IFA director general: "It is an extremely welcome initiative. There have been other initiatives before, but this one seems to me particularly auspicious. And it really needs to be immediately, quickly and urgently implemented, because next year, according to all forecasts, ELI-NP will be put into operation and we should take advantage of the right moment; the scientific community is beyond any doubt, attracted by this idea. This project must also have a strong social and economic impact so that its potential can be fully exploited. As far as I’m concerned, I'm glad you have this initiative. And I hope you will give it the necessary weight and strength, so that it can materialize. "

The cooperation agreement between the “Magurele Science Park” Association and the Institute of Atomic Physics - IFA was signed on 28 December 2017

The Protocol mainly provides for the transfer of knowledge, technology and competencies from the R,D&I system of the Institute of Atomic Physics towards the Science and Technology “Magurele Science Park” with a view to promoting research themes for R,D&I grants and projects in national and European competitions, to developing intelligent specialized field, specific to the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, and also for increasing the competitiveness of the economic agents, the number of registered trademarks and the number of patents in the aforementioned Region.

The Minister Nicolae Burnete and the State Secretary Ciprian Preda met with Romanian representatives engaged in research projects under the EUROfusion programme

Today, 6th February, the Minister of Research and Innovation, Nicolae Burnete and the State Secretary Ciprian Preda, met with the Romanian representatives engaged in research projects within the EUROfusion programme, namely Mr. Ion Tiseanu INFLPR scientific director, Mr. Tedi Crăciunescu scientific coordinator of Romania to EUROfusion programme, Dr. Florin-Dorian Buzatu, IFA director general, and Prof. Dr. Tony Donne, general manager of EUROfusion.

During this meeting, the discussions were directed towards Romania's participation in EUROfusion programme, the Romanian research potential in the thematic areas covered by this programme and the future opportunities for collaboration.

The minister Nicolae Burnete assured those present that the Ministry of Research and Innovation is interested in this field, in both the progress made under the EUROfusion Programme and the important scientific achievements obtained by the Romanian research institutes and the universities involved, as well as the financial support of the Romanian participants in this initiative.


The Symposium is dedicated to presenting the main activities and results of the Institute in 2017, within the research programmes it runs and to awarding IFA distinctions for 2017 to the international Olympics in Physics and Astrophysics, as well as to seniors with outstanding achievements over time.

The event will bring together, along the members of the IFA Council, personalities of the scientific life, researchers, professors as well as representatives of authorities and mass-media.

Acordul de cooperare între Asociația Măgurele Science Park și Institutul de Fizică Atomică - IFA

A fost parafat de către președintele Asociației Magurele Science Park, Irinel Scrioșteanu și de către directorul adjunct al Institutului de Fizică Atomică, Cristina Melinte la data de 28 decembrie.
Parteneriatul are ca scop general valorificarea potențialului științific și inovator existent în Regiunea București-Ilfov, pentru stimularea și sprijinirea întreprinderilor mici și mijlocii inovative și pentru atragerea de investitori și de capital în vederea dezvoltării mediului de afaceri. Specificul colaborarii dintre Asociația Măgurele Science Park și Institutul de Fizică Atomică - IFA este reprezentat de transferul de cunoștințe și competențe din sistemul CDI al Institutului de Fizică Atomică către Parcul Stiințific și Tehnologic "Măgurele Science Park" în vederea promovării de tematici pentru granturi și proiecte CDI în competiții naționale și europene, precum și pentru creșterea competitivității agenților economici, a numărului de mărci înregistrate și a numărului de brevete de invenție din Regiunea București-Ilfov.